Hi! I am

Kaushal Patel

Hello Readers ! Welcome to my Blog !

I am Kaushal Patel.

Having an 8+ years of experience which includes
4 years as Sr. Network Engineer (Include Network
Security, VAPT), 2 years as IT Administration in 2
different companies, 1+ year as IT Assistant and with
various freelancing Network Security Engineer, Project
Lead, Team Player and Consulting work.

Aspiring Cybersecurity Enthusiast(Red Team)
with deep understanding of information security
technology. I do like to perform Red Team
Assessment, Penetration Tester(VAPT), and Security
Analyst in the Cybersecurity domain with more
responsibility and room to evolve and learn.

Kaushal (2).jpg

This blog is mainly design for those who are beginner in Cyber Security and want to make career in Cyber Security.

If you are beginner and don't know how to start ! where to start! than you are the right place my friend !